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Its Blog time!!



Welcome to The Jeffrey blog page where we’ll will be talking beer, events and just all round blog talk with Patrick Donagher and Andy Freedman our beer/wine & food guys and co-owners.

The Jeffrey Beer Menu:

The idea of the beer list here is to open up a variety of beer styles to you, so, everyone from novice beer drinker to the beer connoisseur will enjoy our draft and bottle selection.

From my 1st bar I managed in Brooklyn called The Cherry Tree I tried to create a very easy to read beer menu that I later took to Rattle N Hum, then to my own bars Alewife & now The Jeffrey. The menu I created was a menu simple one, divided into styles and broke down by Brewery РBeer Name РABV РState РPrice & Ounce. Adding to this we will have short descriptions on beer styles and breweries, beer class info plus bottle share Mondays coming soon too.

So, stay tuned for the many posts here and discussions between Andy, guests and I. I promise they will be short and sweet!